Corporate Governance

Cross River Ventures’ board elections are held as required by corporate law, at the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders. Board appointments are made and maintained, subject to the rules of the Company’s constitution.

Ethical Decision Making

The directors and technical team are expected to act with the upmost integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of Cross River Ventures.  The Board of Directors is committed to the establishment of appropriate ethical standards.

The Board is required to be notified as soon as a conflict of interest arises so that an appropriate resolution can be determined.

Financial Reporting

The Board has assumed the responsibilities that would ordinarily be assigned to an audit committee.  Such matters include reviewing the annual report, financial report and other information to be internally or externally distributed, evaluating Cross River Ventures performance, monitoring legal compliance, and maintaining budgeting control and responsible accounting procedures. 

Shareholder Communications

Cross River Ventures website will be updated for all releases, shareholder notifications, media and analyst briefings, and other general information useful to investors. 

Cross River Ventures Shareholders will be regularly informed through semi-annual, and quarterly reports, and other required statutory information from time to time.

Stay Informed

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